Dispatches 29-33 : High winds and heavy snow; wait for summit window

Dhaulagiri blasted by high winds.

I combined these dispatches since these days were relatively uneventful. We have had intense winds and heavy snow in base camp. Many of our already old tents in base camp have broken, and there have been many sleepless nights as winds gusting as high as 50 mph/80kph have rattled our camp all night. We have light at the end of the tunnel, however, as there may be a window for a summit attempt or another acclimatization cycle, depending on our condition in Camp III in the coming days. We plan tentatively to climb to Camp I on the 11th, Camp II on the 12th, Camp III on the 13th, and depending on our condition, remain a day to rest in Camp III on the 14th or attempt the summit on the 14th. This plan of course is contingent on us feeling good at each camp, and on the weather window remaining good as the days in question are quite far off and our confidence in the weather report is low.