Dispatch 34: High Winds and Snow Delay Summit Bid

Lina, Chris, Javi and Nick playing cards in the mess tent with Ryan reading in the background.

Today, we woke up to around a foot of new snow in base camp. Our new forecast calls for extremely high winds low on the mountain tonight through tomorrow morning, so we had no choice but to push off our summit bid by at least a day, as it wouldn’t be safe to climb to Camp I in such high winds. The weather window seems to be holding though, as low winds continue through the upcoming week, so we are hopeful that we will have a chance to get high on Dhaulagiri this cycle, and possibly attempt the summit. In the mess tent, I discovered a bag of cheeses that I had packed for my upcoming climb had been broken into by some animal, most likely a pika mouse. I secured my remaining food, and figured that considering the low temperatures and high winds, the mouse probably needed the calories more than I did. We spent the rest of the morning playing cards and reading, then had lunch. Afterwards, we had a visit from a very adventurous German family who was trekking the Dhaulagiri circuit. The afternoon brought the usual gloomy weather and winds began to increase as the afternoon turned to evening. We have pushed off our departure to Camp I tentatively to the 12th of May. Hopefully the weather report won’t change significantly before then.