Dispatches 34-37: Wait for Summit Window Continues; Trek to French Pass

Nick above French Pass with Dhaulagiri in the background
Chris, Ryan and Nick above French Pass with Dhaulagiri in the background

The wait for the summit window continued during these days. We passed the time playing card games, reading, and visiting with other base camps. On May 11th, we decided to walk toward French Pass and climb a small hill close to the pass in order to maintain our fitness and acclimatization. Everyone in base camp is anxious as we watch good days go by with little to no activity on the mountain. Our plan is to begin our summit bid on Monday, May 14th, climbing to Camp I. We will then ascend to Camp II where we will take a second rest day. We will leave Camp II for Camp III on the 17th of May and attempt the summit on the 18th of May, assuming the weather doesn’t change. The weather after this remains good enough for contingency days and for our descent. The evening brought snow and lightning on May 13th, adding to the anxious mood in base camp.

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